Our Management

The Madurai-Ramnad Diocese

The Madurai-Ramnad Diocese is a unit of CHURCH OF SOUTH INDIA which was founded in the year 1834. This Diocese includes 6 districts. It extends to an area of about 40,000 Sq. Km and with a population of 2 million. This Diocese is headed by the Bishop who is the Chairman of all religious, educational and medical activities
The following Institutions come under Madurai-Ramnad Diocese

A. Educational Institutions 210 Schools

  1. Arts and Science College
  2. B.Ed. Colleges
  3. Teacher Training Institutes

B. Paramedical Institutions

  1. Nursing College
  2. Nursing School
  3. Diploma in Lab-Technician Course

C. Special schools

  1. Schools for Deaf and Dumb
  2. Schools for physically challenged Orphanages
  3. Homes for poor and needy and Charitable institutions

D. Medical activities

  1. Owns the Christian Mission Hospital Madurai. Started 162 yrs. ago
  2. Kilanchunai Mission Hospital
  3. Community health centres in villages
  4. Regular Medical and Dental Camps

Officers of the Diocese

1. Rt. Rev. Dr M. Joseph, Bishop-Chairman
2. Rev. Dr. A Yakkobu, Deputy Chairman
3. Rev. A. David Jebaraj, Clergy Secretary
4. Adv. C. Fernandas Rathina Raja, Lay Secretary
5. Er. T. John Mahendran, Treasuer
6. Mr. J.P. Edwin Chelliah, Registrar